What Is Occupy? – Chris A. Hooymans

25 Oct

Occupy … an experiment in leaderless revolution, a revolution where every individual is encouraged to contribute to the larger effort in any and all peaceful capacities that they can, many battles, many issues, many fronts and many activists all existing under a unified banner. It is natural and beneficial to the movement that different individuals have different goals, demands, needs, wishes and priorities. Despite the apparent inefficiency and soft focus, this unique new form of peaceful revolution is a large part of its strength. Occupy.

Occupy … already tremendously successful in gaining widespread attention after only a month since its birth in New York, it is different, it is always moving, always growing, shifting – the Occupy movement is already an unstoppable force even if it is largely inscrutable or undefinable to the mainstream at the moment. They are seeing, they are hearing and they will learn. The message, while complex is based on goodwill, responsibility and charity, these are powerful weapons as the enemy is strong. Occupiers stay the course, use your brain, use your pen, use your body to create the changes we need to take human existence to the next level. Human rights, respect, fairplay and dignity are the new watchwords and any enterprise that is operating outside these boundaries are hereby put on notice. Occupy.

Occupy … through a persistent and strengthening commitment by citizens, real people not corporations will set the global agenda and actively define it fairly across borders, online and via face-to-face collaboration. This is the people’s movement, an awakening of the 99%, a global revolution, we will be heard, we will occupy the spaces, we will occupy the halls of power, we will occupy the earth and ultimately create a world where all people can explore their potential in peace and security without fear or servitude. Occupy.

Chris A. Hooymans


3 Responses to “What Is Occupy? – Chris A. Hooymans”

  1. Anonymous October 28, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

  2. Chris A Hooymans October 25, 2011 at 3:42 pm #


    Occupy Canada: media pundits vs. reality

  3. Brandy McNeill October 25, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

    Peace and Solidarity from Kelowna, we stand by you all!!!!! Keep the movement strong!


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