I Will Not Bow – Dale A. Herrington

26 Oct

i will not bow down

i will not tithe

so miscreants can be buggering children

or decapitating their innocent dishonouring


we may all well be drunkards

may well slip and fall ingesting poisons

toxic to heart, kidney and lungs

we may well be homeless hapless victims

subjugated to another’s rules of conduct, prayers

for usurping all the world for some god that does not see

to some world that does not act

i will not bow down

i will not

i will not bow down

to self righteous claims of honour and glory

so blameless ignorance can be taken in and held ransom

exploited through the recanting of tears and fears

planting doubt

i will not bow down

i will not

i will not tithe

so some sanctified shit can go out butchering gays

burn our homes, go out killing mother earth for dollars

and gold, those transgression will be theirs alone

those holy rolling demagogueries espousing their false

political, religions and sin.

i will not bow down

i will not

i will not bow down

to no fucken Goof

and will always be wary of their words

for Where? Where?
Where? are we at? and what do we mean? will anyone
listen or care or see we have entered a twilight zone
seeking a spring.

But what are we offered only lies and deceits

Life in a realm of no spacing, CEOs
holding firm to the path of the shaman
all alternatives lay exhausted, spent
the choices forcing you beyond yourself
body and mind, taxed to your limits and more

so we deal with survival and little salvation
transcendence, maybe a new existence
a higher plane of being metamorphosis the
last grace offered ,

one shall only return to the homeland as
a new, this is the end life of the shamans
the return of choosing choice.

For we can all now identify the,
Carcinogenic intercepted well fed men of import,
Taking themselves down the yellow brick roads to find you can’t
buy or sell anyone else’s soul but your own and what happens next
is anybody’s guess but the challenge is still ahead.

As such…the ends will justify the deeds

Mysterious are the ways, the means of delivery

Placing shadows upon walls and lightening up the fools

Collecting what comes out of our own inaction glorious are the goals

These hollow words painting visions that no one will see

Such are the promised lands mapped out and blithely screened

Such are the wounded blooded and never to be delivered

Such are the last days spent; such are so many to be pitied

For knowledge of good and evil now signifies nothing

but the concupiscence to create and we can

call ignorance then that state of grace

that should fall by our own hands

choices have always been within our own


expelled by the meeting of the macrocosm

we are all circumspect to the extradition from Eden

nineteen hundred and eighteen, nineteen-forty and five
nineteen-fifty and two, the same as our two thousand ten, all that has

been proven is,

evil does not create, can not

but spread through,

contractions of ignorance

and fear

for the contesting is never fully over

nor the field ever freely won

yet the claims of the self-righteous

ring out religiously and perverse claiming

victory over defeat

evil cannot create, cannot but mimic

the constrained contractions

of life

go vote, or not, but recognize the untreated extremes

no hope, no name, no identification

just voiceless sleeping faces

laying on mats our social metaphorical

disregarded, disregards




disregarded, disregards

this human condition, self-perpetuating

the human condition perpetrated by mythic desirable

experiences short term immediate gratifications

suspending disbelief of contagions, passing from face

to face, nesting watching flocks take stock

queried rumours just even to question

is to invite the dark plumes of those thoughtless for

keeping the hopeless down, out of fear

what choice, before there is no choice

how far, before there is no return, just even

sent away to the new world, set aside to be forgotten

left aside, dreams , goals all aspirations smothered

by the disregarded disregards




disregarded disregards would be

minimized down to even one but here we are

(one hundred seventy?)

a nice round solid number

of wandering lost lonely souls to be lain about semi derelict

in this transient graceless solitude that is only one half of one day

even so there comes a joyful soliloquy of laughter beneath their fogs

of servitudes, maybe memories of gratitude in thinking out their past.

bruised ,battered, scraped, scurvi-ed, never broken

never broken, always broke, but never broken in this uncertain

wavering reality, leaving nothing for a conclusion simple

speculation the disadvantages, disregards adjusting

disproportionately the general disbelief of existences fostered

carried on the bottom rungs of our consumptive consumerisms

dislodged ladder falling from that sky-high piece of pie

their/piece of pie

my/piece of pie

our/piece of pie

the circumstances live and die and live

the solitude never mastered, the void left cold.

acting for free will, and freedom’s roll for

this may very well be our last new-year, all the other ones are old now

the ones not coming are lost in visitations and denial of forsaken

Dickenson industrialized revolutions just like that. (yep just like that.)

the capitalistic cabal writing on the wall, provides still births the way they

played their Marx, worth their weight in a griffters hall of fame couldn’t

we say. (yep just like that)

greed the old seed of Eden, a snake for we to behold, it slithers through

the decimations smiling as it goes, swallowing little piece’s breaking states

of grace, just like an ode, (yep just like an ode)

any time, all time, the time

all runs into moments into one another

from the breath of infancy

to the depth of the tired worn soul

bedraggled familiar all borne forward with

each the moments their own

the perfection first and last, the truth

glorious the earth cannot be owned, through

blood or sweat or tears only borrowed and shared

So let it ring out now,

we will not bow down

we will not

we will not tithe, to any corporate world

and we demand our humanity back.



Dale A Herrington



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