If you support the movement…

26 Oct

Some Calgarians, out of possible malice or ignorance are complaining about Occupy Calgary.

Occupy Calgary is an exercise in participatory democracy that is very much needed in our city.

If you support the movement, please forward to your Alderman and Mayor’s Office the following statement in support of Occupy Calgary, and feel free to add your own message as well:

Statement of Support for the Occupy Calgary Encampment

I am in support of the Occupy Calgary encampment in Olympic Plaza. It serves as a symbolic representation of the desperate need to draw attention to the change society must undertake.

I also support their right to peacefully assemble in Olympic Plaza and to engage their right to freedom of speech. These rights are guaranteed under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Members of Occupy Calgary who are camping at Olympic Plaza have not engaged in violence or any other criminal behaviour. They continue to maintain cleanliness in the park.

They deserve to stay!

***ALDERMAN EMAILS HERE****http://www.calgary.ca/Aldermen/Pages/home.aspx



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