How To Win – Anonymous

6 Nov

Many are waking up to the reality of our times. Facing the enemy and taking back control of our food, medicine, water, financial welfare and most importantly, our freedoms, can be accomplished through a peaceful and anonymous movement. Each one of us can crush the big multi-national corporations and banksters by CHOOSING not to do business with them. Here’s just 10 simple ways to win the occupy movement.

1. Choose to move your money to a local credit union or take it home
2. Choose to go organic and support your local farmers
3. Choose to boycott Walmart, Coca Cola, GMO’s, Macdonalds, Banks…you get the picture
4. Choose to support local restaurants and establishments (i.e. Olive Garden ain’t Italian)
5. Choose to exchange your fiat dollars for physical gold & silver to hedge against the coming devaluation in all paper currencies
6. Choose nutrition/organic vitamins over pharmaceuticals AND choose education over medication
7. Choose alternative media over main stream news
8. Choose to stop watching television. Period.
9. Choose to participate in the occupy movement in any way you can and spread the information
10. Choose to do at least one kind act every day and smile now that you are in control of them!

See, winning this is about CHOICE. Choose your path.



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