Why I Occupy – Phillip Vernon

6 Nov
The challenge that we have before us is an extraordinarily difficult one… the public must become motivated and the public will not be motivated unless they understand how they are being deceived and become angry enough to do stand up and something about it…

And yet, at the same time, the only way that we can win this battle for the very evolution of our species is to wage PEACE, rather than wage war… because war and competition are the ways of the past… peace and cooperation are the ways of the future… and we must move forward into the light, not backwards into the dark.

The public must first become enraged enough to do something about their impending situation, and we must then show them how to respond with peace and love, rather than hostility and vengeance. We must be able to first understand and articulate well enough to show them that they will be directly affected, and we must then respond to their inevitable rage with kindness and understanding… lest they come to view us as their enemy, rather than their ally.

For the system to attack us with violence, we would have to throw the first punch. But we refuse… So the system, the press, the public are throwing every insult and every threat they have at us out of self defence. We are telling the old system that it has to die for us to live… and make no mistake, the system will defend itself to the bitter end.

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Right now, the system, and the people within it, are going through denial, anger and bargaining. We must be ready to lead all the way through depression and into acceptance, so that we can leave our old ways behind move forward in a different direction. But much rage and denial will play out before the healing can begin… and we must be there and ready to bear the slings and arrows. And we must turn down any bargaining that is offered, because no band-aid can stop this cancer…

To say that it is hard to remain calm, peaceful and understanding when standing face to face with the spitting, snarling, screaming threat of violence is an understatement to say the least… but this is what we “must” do. We must be strong and hold our ground, or fear will always win.

If we must hold hands to avoid throwing a punch… we hold hands.
If we must lean on each other to avoid falling… we lean.

The time has come to grow up, act like adults and face what we must face, rather than a society of spoiled children running away from our problems.

Our evolution means doing the right thing… not the easy thing.

If I just wanted to be safe and comfortable, I would have stayed home… but much better men than I have kissed their families good-bye… crossed oceans and laid down their lives and given up the rest of their days, for much less than what we fight for right now in town squares around the world.

This is why I occupy

Peace and Love All ✌☮♥


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