Unions Call on City to let Occupy Calgary stay

7 Nov


Unions Call on City to let Occupy Calgary stay
The city of Calgary has been contemplating evicting Occupy Calgary Activists from Olympic Plaza. The labour movement supports the Occupy Calgary movement and urges City Council to let the protesters stay.

“The Occupy movement has begun a conversation that was sorely lacking in this Country,” said Alexander Shevalier, President, of the Calgary and District Labour Council.

“They have highlighted the inequities faced by 99% of Canadians; whether it’s access to affordable housing, fair employment standards, farm workers rights and many other issues of social and environmental justice, ” he continued.

“ Without the Occupy movement the media and governments both federally and provincially would feel no pressure to address those issues,” he stated.

“The message is simple, our government is no longer responding to the needs of the people; they are responding to the needs of corporations,” he concluded.


Contact: Alexander Shevalier, President, Calgary and District Labour Council – 403 819 4159

The Calgary and District Labour Council represents 37,500 affiliated union members in both the public and private sector. Our members make Calgary work.


2 Responses to “Unions Call on City to let Occupy Calgary stay”

  1. the urban daddy November 8, 2011 at 7:11 pm #

    Labour thinks 99% of Canadians can’t get access to affordable housing, cannot get jobs where they are treated fairly and face other social and environmental injustices?

    I’m confused. Is this Calgary, Alberta Canada, or Calgary somewhere in the middle east where the dictators or army control the wealth, woman cannot vote, let alone show their faces and are beaten to death for wronging their families…

    These countries look at us like we’re insane.

    Come on guys… Get a grip.

    You’re using social media which made some 1% of the population really rich. Some may say that’s hypocritical.

    • idnami November 9, 2011 at 12:14 am #

      Does hypocrisy make the words untrue? Does the media somehow undo the message?
      We have a system of government which makes a reasonable standard of life exceptionally difficult to attain for many hard working Canadians.
      We must shed a light on this, whatever it takes.


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