A Statement from Some Members of the Occupy Movement in Calgary, Alberta

8 Nov

We Calgarians from various walks of life, who identify with the Occupy movement, using our freedoms of opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and of peaceful assembly and association prescribed by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, reiterate our right to continue the process of peacefully occupying Olympic Plaza.

Through this ongoing process, we seek a vital and vibrant rejuvenation of the public space at the heart of our cities, communities, and towns, not just in the physical landscape, but in the philosophical space that they symbolize and address. It is in this newly opened “thoughtscape” where we seek to engage and welcome the broader public, from academics to professionals and workers, and from the disenfranchised to the organized, to this, our city’s vibrant public forum. We ask that this vibrant public forum takes place as an ongoing series of people’s assemblies, workshops, and discussions where education and new knowledge is paramount, issues addressed, and holistic solutions for an emergent, better and more compassionate society are incubated. We ask that this vibrant public forum, vitally takes place now in the central physical landscape of our City Hall, our Central Library, our Epcor Arts Center, our Olympic Plaza, and our surrounding places of worship.

Thus we have and continue to share the public space in the interests of expanding the role of participatory democracy in Calgary, in Alberta, in Canada, and in our emergent society.

It is in this spirit of democratic engagement that we remind ourselves that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms trumps all bylaws, unless it can be shown that there are “such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.” There being no such limit, we continue to invite our fellow Calgarians to help us in developing this vibrant public forum.



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