In response to the Sun’s Nov 06 editorial “Consumed by Borrowing to Consume” – Chris A. Hooymans

8 Nov

Nice synopsis, but clearly you are missing the point of what Occupy stands for, try these concepts on for size; Money out of politics, Corporations (banks included here) to be held accountable for their actions at home and abroad. Corporate influence in politics to be severely reduced (kick out the lobbyists), affordable homes (125% increase in cost of a family home in just 10 years in Calgary is outrageous, and the real benefits go to interest consuming banks and property taxers above citizens and families, many who either got a cash windfall or saw the wall of home ownership rise again), eliminate homelessness and poverty with dignity and real help, not waiting lists, unreasonable conditions, empty promises and speeches about hope.

If there is no truth to any of what the occupiers are saying, why then the national panic over a few thousand people with tents expressing their opinions under the protection of the Canadian Charter of Rights. Seems harmless unless they are indeed shining much needed light on the bloated and corrupt underbelly of our society, a long festering sore now openly identified by the occupy movement, that almost everyone seems willing to accept as natural just because its scabbed over and everyone has become accustomed to the stench? I doubt that many of our institutions, corporations, crown corps and government agencies could pass the smell test of a truly independent audit that actually follows the money.

This is not a protest about jobs, it’s a protest about the take-over of our government, institutions, and essential business by an elite few that hold the resources of our country as if it was their own, and dole out jobs as a reward for accepting their unofficial rule and threaten to take them away if we don’t give in to their monopolistic plans. Yes, I believe it is time to re-examine these relationships and to correct the failings of our forefathers in protecting us from the scourge of the increasingly unregulated and unscrupulous profiteers in our midst.



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