Occupy Calgary Statement on Paul Hughes

8 Nov

Occupy Calgary is sending out this statement to serve notice that Paul Hughes does not speak for the Occupy Calgary movement.

Paul Hughes separated himself from the movement far before this date by his repeated actions, which damaged the unity and effectiveness of Occupy Calgary. From the first organising efforts Paul refused to work collectively and took it upon himself to speak to the Calgary Police regarding setting up camp at St. Partick’s Island. He only brought it up to the General Assembly (GA) after the fact.

Paul refused to accept the General Assembly’s decision to occupy Olympic Plaza. The GA agreed that if he wanted to set up another camp, he had every right to do so, but informed him that he should not presume to speak in the name of the GA of Occupy Calgary, but for himself as a member of the movement. He did not do that and repeatedly presented his camp at St Patrick’s island as THE Occupy Calgary camp.

He ran the St Patrick’s island as a one-man dictatorship, completely contrary to the ideals of the international Occupy movement. For example, recording of their General Assembly was not permitted, preventing any transparency. Also requests for the minutes of that GA have been repeatedly denied.

Contrary to the agreed upon consensus model and adherence to principles of respect for all he has insulted different members of the movement. He has and continues to censor members of the movement who are critical of him. He assaulted a member of the movement and destroyed their cell phone in a fit of anger.

He set up a community page on Facebook  claiming to be THE Occupy Calgary page which it is not, and did the same with the OccupyCalgary Twitter handle. Neither of these represent, nor are related to the Occupy Calgary movement. Paul Hughes represents his interests alone and should not be regarded as a spokesperson for Occupy Calgary.

For more information visit the central Occupy Calgary Facebook page which represents the Occupy Calgary general Assembly:



One Response to “Occupy Calgary Statement on Paul Hughes”

  1. Chris A Hooymans December 20, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    For a leaderless and all inclusive organization this seems quite harsh. My understanding is that all of the 99% have autonomy and the the right to speak and act in any way that sheds light on issues of concern and can assemble where and when and with whomever they wish and can advocate for any cause or causes and forward or support any action that reflects the principles and goals that underpin the movement. This is permitted even if other supporters have not given permission, pledged individual support or do not put priority on the messages or actions being performed. This is permitted even if the activist, individual or ad hoc group does not agree with or take the suggestions of others self-identifying as Occupy members via consensus through attendance at any ad hoc Occupy General Assembly.

    Whoever thinks that they have the authority to force their will upon or effect any ruling against a member of the public, that is decided at any meeting of individuals via a General Assembly or otherwise is clearly deluded and operating in a manner that is in itself divisive and damaging to the movement and its ideals. Keep in mind that Occupy does not accept members, is not a legal entity, and has no leaders, Occupy welcomes all participants.

    Readers, please be advised that unsigned, undated pronouncement above is not official in any way, does not reflect the opinions of the hundreds of people that took part in the Calgary occupy protests (the majority of whom incidentally never once attended any General Assembly) and merely reflects the ill-considered, and dare I say, ill mannered opinions of a self-important cell, clique or cabal that has self-identified themselves as the official voice within the local Occupy movement. The sheer audacity that the author(s) purport to speak for this movement or its supporters and that they have the authority to level punishments or banishment is the height of hypocrisy.

    Incidentally the allegations of “dictatorship” are far fetched and false to the extreme, Invitations were offered to all on numerous occasions to attend daily assemblies and meetings. Many individuals were personally asked to come, bring news, ideas and to add items of interest to the agenda at St Patrick’s Island. The daily meetings were conducted according to the standard methods that Occupy meetings used. (minus the finger twinkles)
    Votes were held and consensus sought on all motions and action plans, everyone present was give the opportunity to speak and to have their concerns and ideas heard.

    Long Live Occupy.


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