Teamsters Support Occupy Calgary

11 Nov

Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

Division 355 Calgary

November 9, 2011

Dear Sir or Madame,

As a labour leader I support the right to protest. Occupy Calgary is protesting the

inequity between the working person and corporate entities across our great

country. These corporate entities have all the support of political and media

organizations. They have their word out, why can’t the Canadian worker voice


John Diefenbaker once said “A lot of people say I pay too much attention to the

common man, I can’t help that because I am one.” These protests that are

occurring across Canada are doing just that, trying to get the word out that it’s not

fair. It’s not fair that working people keep losing wages and benefits while

corporations keep gaining ground. The current Conservative government is

legislating workers who have the democratic right to strike back to work.

My grandparents were organizers for the CCF in the thirties. They, and others

like them, were called communists by the corporate and government bodies at

the time. In the early fifties my Dad was in a little country called Korea fighting

communists. How ironic it is that guys like my dad actually fought communists

and that his family were called communists. They busted their asses on that

peninsula for a system that labelled them communist. We have good Canadians

at Calgary Olympic Plaza trying to get word out that our system is unfair for the

working person. These good Canadians are there to defend this country just like

guys like my Dad were.

I say let them stay and protest a system that at times is stacked against the

working people of this great Country.

In Solidarity,

Darrel Sundholm CD


Division 355

Teamster Canada Rail Conference




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