Day 28, You Guessed It, Still Occupied! – Brandy McNeill

12 Nov

Day 28, and I am really stoked about the way this Movement has been going.

Yes it is true, the media slant still portrays a ragged bunch of homeless ruffians.  Drug addicts, and rabble rousers, homeless hippies.  The number one comment you hear is ‘Get a Job!’  It makes us laugh because it is getting screamed at men who stand in suits, representing the business class. I bet even maybe the ones hiring those who hassle us.  It is sent to Women, who at one time were paid to Advocate for you.  Mothers.  Fathers.  Sons.  Daughters.  Business Owners.  Land Owners. Employees, students and Activists!  Warriors of a new class, in a new war, the true war of the 21 century.

A war about Truth.  Universal truths, enlightment, or some would go so far as to say Universal Light.

And Rights.  Not just human rights, but the very Right to Life.  Universal Life.

A fight about our laws and legal systems and how they are interpreted.  Not just human laws.  Universal Law.

Justice for Occupied Territory.

A fight for for people over money, environment over profit.  A fight about values.  A fight about compassion, love.  Universal Love.

A fight for Freedom, freedom that extends to every man, woman and child on this planet. True democracy, one voice=1vote. Universal Liberty.

But this is a new kind of war that we fight.

This is a war for Truth and Justice against not each other, but with the systems we have created.  The corporations, and big banking industries. Is our fight with our chosen elected officials?  Or is it with Ourselves for standing idly by and allowing this tangled web of a fragile and collapsing system.

Is it our fight within ourselves as we begin to own up to the ways we have contributed to building up to this system?

Yesterday I stood in rememberance for our fallen warriors.  Our war vets, and rcmp, our firefighters, and local commissioners.  I stood and honored many brave men who thought, by sacrificing their lives for us, they were protecting the very freedoms we fight for here today.

Imagine the stain upon their honor to be tied into this bloodwar for oil.

Let us imagine for one moment the humiliation our Rcmp must feel in relation to the current streak of police brutality and sexual harrassement.  Let us imagine the slap in the face to our honorable veterans as their pensions are cut.

Let us take a moment today to honor not only these fallen brethren, but all of our brethren.  William Wallace, Louis Riel.  Both great warriors who fought for Human Rights and true democracy.  How much of our First Nation lost blood for those freedoms. It isn’t much any of these people were asking for.

Putting your people before your greed and your blood wars. Oil for money.  Neither system doing anything for society aside from ripping it open and revealing the gaping scars.  Placing the Environment, before profit.

Proving first and foremost that we can sustain our own communities before we give back to our provinces, states and territories.  Fixing this great Nation Canada.  Home of the True North.  Strong, United, and Free!

And then reaching out globally to stand in solidarity WorldWide!  When here, in the hearts and minds of our own Country, we can settle on saving ourselves from a wave of economic collapses the even now has begun overseas.

Then we can ask ourselves this one question, more important then any other.

What can we, here in Canada, do for those who have nothing to eat?  For those who do not have the internet, nor even a computer?  Who cannot watch tv, because for them there is no power, no heaters, nor airconditioning, no telephone or outside communication?  How do we reach them? That, before all others.

Which brings us full circle, back to the begining.

And we from Kelowna, don’t demand anything.  We don’t demand it because we don’t buy into it.  Not any longer.

We will begin to provide tangible results right here in our own communities.  Right here in Kelowna.  We will take the City up on it’s challenge. (reference, Mayor Sharon Sheppard, candidate debate, home page). We will design a new logo.  One that does not involve, any corporations, or banking interest.

We have plenty of talented artists from the 99% right here in Kelowna.

We will raise our banner, and flag, across this great nation.  In true respect and true honor of each other.

They may have taken away our right to protest, but it has only made us stronger.  More United.  More Organized.

Too busy getting real stuff done in our communities.

Send us your homeless, broken and poor.  They can man our picket line.  Send us your children that have fallen through the cracks of a government Ministry that does more detriment then good.  We, as a community can do the job even better.

While those broken and beaten by the Corporate Fascism that has unvieled its ugly head beneath the lies this society has had to offer, are out their manning our lines at least we know that you can see them.  The collateral damage of greed.  Why don’t you stop in and eat with them at the local mission?  See what happens when you take all hope from a man.  When you take away his basic human right for shelter, be it just a blanket and some cardboard is all he can afford.  But no, instead, you shut your eyes jeer your insults and preach we go back to your system.  Slave to the grind.

We know that we can see them, and one by one, fellow occupiers will begin to give them hope, careers, a future, a home.  One by One.  Every day men, such as you and me.  Taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. Companies, who not only support, but want to be an active part of their community, providing jobs to the jobless.  A strike that shows the employees have the courage, to step away from their corporations, and trust in each other to hire here, locally, in the Okanagan.

I invite you, Kelowna, to watch as Mental Health Workers, grow to support this movement, and move into our encampments all across Canada, offering outreach, to the broken, and drug addicted.  Volunteer their effort.  People before greed.

I invite you to take a look at the strike actions, of our teachers, as they stand up for our children, and our students, as they fight for our careers.  I would like you to see them, as they band together just as we at Occupy do, to decide what they can do, to make a better future happen.

Why are we leaderless?

Because no one person can speak for any other.  True democracy. 1 voice=1 vote. Equal representation across every province and territory of this great nation.

And why do we occupy?  What is this push for one distinct co-hesive message?

I will tell you why.

We occupy because we know now the truth behind this war.

It isn’t about you, and him and her.  There is no mythical 1%.  No 99.

This war, exists inside of us.

It is a war against ourselves.

A war to go against every last ounce of corporate banker brainwashing you have ever been delivered.

A war. Kelowna, to look within.

To your own hearts.

Do you choose people? Or money.

Sustainable environments?  Or profit.  Greed.

No one can answer for you.  This question.

Only you can answer it for yourself.

Why do you Occupy.

Why, would you want to make fundamental differences for the betterment of your community?

This war, this PEACEFUL war, is one where we learn to look within, and shift our own values.  Come up with our own Solutions.

And then set about actively doing them.

You don’t need Occupy, you don’t need any organization.

You just need to believe, once again, in yourself.

Why, Kelowna?

Why would you Occupy?


2 Responses to “Day 28, You Guessed It, Still Occupied! – Brandy McNeill”

  1. idnami November 19, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    This doesn’t seem exactly relevant but anything that makes people actually think is a good thing. Thanks for reading!

  2. raz November 13, 2011 at 12:10 am #

    Fantastic!!!!!! Thank you for this!


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