Occupy Calary Served With Notice; Unattended tents/items to be removed Tuesday Nov 15 @ 0900 MST

14 Nov

We’ve received official notice from the City of Calgary regarding the Occupy Calgary group located at Olympic Plaza downtown.

In the notice, it is stated that any unattended items and unoccupied tents will be removed from the premises, enforceable at 09:00 hrs MST. (see full notice below).

There is concern that some of the occupants will not be present as they will be at work; we are putting a call out to all citizens of Calgary and abroad to come down and stand in solidarity with us. We also spoke with bylaw officers on site asking very specific questions:

– What enforceable actions will take place? (Answer: “Come down tomorrow and see.” Direct quote.)
– If a tent is occupied or an item is attended, will it be removed? (Answer: None. Refused to answer)
– What are your names and badge numbers? (Answer: None. Refused to answer).

Please call all of the City of Calgary Aldermen and Mayor Naheed Nenshi to have your voice heard, including dialing 3-1-1 for contact with the City of Calgary (403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary).
Council of City Calgary contact information can be found on the City of Calgary website: http://www.calgary.ca/General/Pages/Calgary-City-Council.aspx.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi:
Phone: 403-268-5622
Fax: 403-268-8130

Office of the Mayor, The City of Calgary
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, T2P 2M5
Direct Email: themayor@calgary.ca

The full text of the public notice is as follows:


The City of Calgary is committed to maintaining the integrity of its Parks and Pathways so they can truly be shared and enjoyed by all Calgarians.

For this reason, the Parks and Pathways Bylaw 20M2003 contains rules which must be followed in and on Parks and Pathways. Failure to follow these rules may constitute an offence which, upon conviction, is punishable with a fine and/or imprisonment. Fines under the Bylaw range from $25.00 to $1,000.00 for a first offence.

Calgary’s Olympic Plaza is a Park and its use is subject to the Park and Pathways Bylaw.

The City of Calgary recognizes the rights of Calgarians to engage in public expression and peaceful assembly.

The City will enforce the Parks and Pathways Bylaw in respect of Oympic Plaza to restore the use of Olympic Plaza for the benefit, use and enjoyment of all Calgarians and to avoid further damage being caused to Olympic Plaza.

As of 0900 hrs on 2011 November 15th, The City of Calgary will enforce the Parks and Pathways Bylaw with respect to Olympic Plaza.

Any unattended materials or unoccupied tents will be removed from Olympic Plaza.

For questions about responsibilities and obligations while in Olympic Plaza please visit www.calgary.ca and Search Parks Bylaws.

POSTED at Olympic Plaza on 2011 November 14th at 0900 hrs.

Bill Bruce
Animal & Bylaw Services


19 Responses to “Occupy Calary Served With Notice; Unattended tents/items to be removed Tuesday Nov 15 @ 0900 MST”

  1. idnami November 19, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    No one wants a hand out. What are you talking about? We want a world that works for everyone. The more ugliness this movement brings out in people the clearer it is why we have to keep on. When the hatefulness stops, we all win. Till then, we continue.

  2. idnami November 17, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    Did that make you feel better? None of us wish any harm to you. I hope when the cold weather comes you are someplace very warm. Thanks for reading!

  3. Ben Kendrick November 15, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    Sic Semper Tyrannis!!

    All Hell Can’t Stop Us Now!!!

    • Anonymous November 15, 2011 at 9:51 pm #

      Go home. Gather up a rally online, gather info, make plan, get a leader. If blue man tent boy takes a crap outside and freezes to death everything will be all over and people get hurt no one will ever listen to you. Rally, gather a group, when you are re grouped with fuel and ammo do it again in the spring and go all summer! Pack it in and make a plan and strike 10 times harder!

  4. Caroline November 15, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    What makes a demonstration successful is its ability to change the perspective of the society in which it takes place. When demonstrators provide messages to the public at large that causes individuals to stop and think about their own assumptions, it has been successful. When a demonstration causes others to ask questions about why things are the way they are, it has done a great deal in the service of society in general. And, if a demonstration can do all this while at the same time being creative, poignant and respectful, it is a masterpiece!

    I may agree with a number of the points raised by the individuals who maintain this web site vis a vis politics, economics, environment and Aboriginal policy, but all I see downtown is a bunch of shabby tents and poorly written signs. Invitation to discourse? Who would feel welcome wandering into a make-shift campsite to strike up a conversation?

    There could have been so many creative ways to engage the general public through a movement like Occupy, such as street theatre, art, guest speakers and debates, a ‘tea party’ where anyone could sit and talk to demonstrators about why they were there, information sessions. The only thing most Calgarians will remember about this so-called protest is that it ended up costing $40,000 of tax payer money to fix up the park.

    Demonstrations such as this end up making it more difficult to effect change in places like Alberta because it just gives the ‘average person’ even more reason to resist it. Pack it in Occupiers, you’re not doing anyone any good!

    • idnami November 15, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

      That is why you have been invited to our blog, Caroline. I don’t especially like freezing in OP either. This alternative is much comfier and more inviting and I really appreciate you coming to read.
      That $40,000 figure is still unverified. Now they are calling it “deferred maintenance” rather than “damage.”
      And believe me, you will be seeing more creativity soon. We are just getting started. The camp isn’t everything and even without it we plan to keep trying to raise awareness because that is what this thing is ALL about.

      • Caroline November 15, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

        While I applaud work you’re doing around creativity, I wonder if it’s closing the barn doors after the horses have escaped. The initial mass media response to the occupy movement a month ago was a little less jaded than it is now. Some powerful awareness campaigns at that crucial time could have really caught peoples’ attention. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to choose a couple of messages that a group of dedicated individuals could focus on as a carry-over from occupy (such as what does it mean to have ‘public’ space? Who gets to control it, and why?) and find a different way to demonstrate – something new that would take a bit of time to orchestrate. Much of the media appears to be focusing on the ‘damage to public property’ angle that to continue to push the message from a frozen tent will be badly diluted with this spin. (And yes, it IS comfy and warm in front of my computer!)

        • idnami November 15, 2011 at 8:00 pm #

          Well all we can do is try, right?
          I have to tell you, it got jaded pretty fast, but that isn’t really surprising. After all, in a city like this with the headquarters of every major oil and gas corporation all within a few blocks of each other you had to know a cry against corporate greed would be likely to get an extreme negative reaction.
          Between you and me I don’t think the camp is doing us much good either. It isn’t terribly pretty I agree, and in a culture where image is incredibly important… But you see that is why I don’t camp. I just work to spread awareness of what this cause is about.
          Unfortunately it has come under dispute of charter freedoms and has become terribly important for that reason alone. I don’t care for the camp especially either but if it is allowed to be shut down then a bylaw has trumped the Charter and that sets a very dangerous precedent. An interesting exploration of that question is here: http://ablawg.ca/2011/11/11/should-they-stay-or-should-they-go-occupy-the-city-and-the-charter/
          So as much as it sucks to have to say this, because I’d really love it if everyone stopped talking about tents and got on with the real discussion, I have to support their right to be there or leave voluntarily.
          Many of the camping occupiers aren’t very intellectual and they speak with their hearts more than the facts. Many of them are extremely angry at the system which they feel has failed them and that is what we tend to see expressed. This doesn’t help us much. That is why I started this blog to give people a place to tell their story in a well thought out way with free spelling and punctuation editing services!
          Because Occupy has no central leadership or management it is hard to get things organized. And harder yet to promote them to the public. I mean after all, we have letters of support from the Teamsters, CUPE and the Alberta Federation of Labour, but that stuff isn’t getting headlines. We held a rally with union reps on Saturday but I don’t think it got much coverage beyond the guy in the chicken suit. How to get the message out when the only available media outlets seem bent on eliminating any possible support?
          I want to be clear, I don’t especially care whether or not people support the movement. I want them to support the ideas it is trying (with questionable success I admit) to promote. Something very scary is happening in the world and I don’t like the idea of humanity losing any more to this than it has. I mean really, why SHOULD a corporate CEO’s salary keep rising as yours and mine stay the same? Why should high level theft go unpunished? Why should our government reflect the interests of the corporations and not of people? Why should our waters and forests be destroyed in the name of profit? These are things which so far no one I’ve spoken to thinks are ok.
          What I find very encouraging is that when the message is clear, it isn’t the ideas behind it that people dispute, only the form in which it is expressed. I am working with all my might at expressing it more clearly.
          So I hope you will keep coming back and reading and if you want to post something yourself, send it to the email at the top of the page and I will post it here. This is my offering to the rest of the 99% who don’t want to freeze at OP but do care about the issues. Best I can do.

  5. Anonymous November 15, 2011 at 12:21 pm #

    “There is concern that some of the occupants will not be present as they will be at work”


  6. Blue Tent Happy Man November 14, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    If anyone wants to come occupy my tent while I go get some more SMOKE tomorrow, thatd be great. It smells of stale canvas, cigarettes, body odour, and lice, but not feces because I did stick my pooper out the door when I made poopy yesterday, thatd be great. mines the blue one. Its great to do yoga in. And masturbate.

    • idnami November 15, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

      I always enjoy the real maturity this has brought out in our fair city. Bravo.

  7. Ken November 14, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    I’m glad to see people finally taking this to the streets and exposing the conservative, corprate agenda for the rot it is. Calgary and Alberta have been far too complacent when it comes to challenging the staus quo. People need to open their eyes and see that the status quo is disfunctional, discriminatory and hypocritical.

  8. Stephen November 14, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

    I love how the very brave post under the handle of “Anonymous”. A few comments for Anonymous #1 – I have a job, a really good job that probably pays me a lot more than you earn, but that does not stop me from protesting about the corruption that exists within our government and corporations. I don’t ask for anything free as you suggest, not do I indulge in the partaking of any recreational drugs. As for making up shit as you like to say, exactly what would I be making up I ask? And since there are only a handful of police officers visiting the park (the ones on bicycles I should add), I’m pretty sure there are enough left in the city to handle any emergency, real or imagined, that you can come up with. Oh and by the way, I do shower every morning, save what money I can, and do pay off my debts. So please explain to me exactly how you are saving my ass?

    • idnami November 17, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

      Stephen, trolls will be trolls and I don’t believe most of them come back after they deposit their poop here for the rest of us to step in. What I am really enjoying is watching people who claim to have better things to do and superior selves to do them with jumping up and down foaming at the mouth and making themselves look like bigger assholes than they try to make us out to be. And why don’t they come back? Because they are very afraid we are right.
      We will win.

  9. Anonymous November 14, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    I fell sorry for you all. You want everything free, not have to work for anything, sit down and smoke weed and make up shit on a pipe dream. Get real, if one of my family members is hurt becuase you asses are busy pissing off cops and they are not there to protect my family there will be massive protests again your occupy movement! Garunteeded!!! Go Home, Take a shower, Get a job, save some money, pay your debts, live your life, Canada’s economy is somthing to be proud of and the people you protest are the same people that are saving all of our asses!

    • idnami November 15, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

      I’ve been working hard my whole life and plan to continue, my friend. I’d like to see people, including cops, getting paid what they are worth instead of getting the crumbs which fall from the 1 percent’s table. Look and see what is happening in the world. We are about to lose a lot more than we have so far. The middle class have far more to lose than the poor do. This is for you as much as it is for us.

  10. Stephen November 14, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    I thought they had to give 48 hours notice not 24 but I could be wrong. If I was not in Edmonton with OE for a few days I would come and sit in a tent.

    • Anonymous November 14, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

      You are all a bunch of losers

      • idnami November 14, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

        How very concisely put. We are losing our freedoms, our rights, our sovereignty and basic human dignity to corporate slavery and governments that don’t act in the interests of the people.
        We are losing our time, working longer hours for less money.
        We are losing our independence through debt.
        We are losing our health to environmental wreckage.
        We are losing our values to a consumer culture that is eating itself. Our society has become a cheap, plastic replica of itself.
        We have lost a lot! We ARE losers. But only if we bow to our masters and keep letting them tell us that this is acceptable, even when we ALL know it isn’t.
        And the biggest loser of all if we do? Our kids.


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