It takes everyone – Joshua Freeman

20 Nov

Everything being thrown at the occupy Canada movements is to deter us from the reason we are there. That reason is convincing the masses to get
involved in their system and how it works.

The Charter has been stated as top of the food chain. We need to use that. We can’t compromise with power.We are trained to let the system make the decisions and do the work.

This is extremely limiting to all people. Our governments need to be reminded that they are there to do a job for us the people. It’s the only reason they exist. Until humanity reclaims it’s power those at the top will seek to control us. Once they understand this only then can we seek compromise.

We win this war when everyone gets involved. when the people of Canada stand by their charter and exercise it’s purpose. To prevent, or stop a corrupt government. The occupy movement needs to start opening this idea. reach out to the people with a means for them to affect change.

Create and sign petitions. Petition the government and sub versions not to allow laws and decisions that affect us all to pass without our say. To be allowed to discuss each and get new input before making their decisions. The communication technologies we have has made the people infinitely powerful in operating their systems.

Communicate. Question this. question the movements. Question your governments. Question me. Question yourself. Any system that feels it has an end conclusion is false. What is the end conclusion? Maybe there isn’t one. But we wont ever see one remaining who we are now, and uninvolved. There are better means for doing this, but we have to change our system until it is possible.

Occupy is a name. These are your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons daughters, grandmas, grandpas, cousins, neighbors, friends, lovers, enemies, all screaming, make this stop. It will not until we all get involved. it is that simple. Our system works to its potential if used affectively. And if we feel it isn’t enough, using it can also change it. Get involved, stay involved, teach your children how to, and to always do so, and how to teach their children to do so.

The reason this problem is continuous throughout history is simple. We hand over our power. we stop being vigilant. Yes they are using us. But it is our responsibility to say “NO”. and do something about it. Forever. It isn’t a big effort. It’s a daily part of life. we do it all day every day anyway, for things that are relatively unimportant. why can it not be done for things that affect us all?
They have made it difficult. It took them years. We can reset that in minutes if we so choose.



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