29 Nov

We are in a system that is bound to fail.  The monetary system we live in is based on greed, competition, accumulation of unnecessary material wealth, and disregards the survival of all living organisms on Earth. The technological modernization of corporations is mainly used to increase the profits of few, leaving the rest unemployed.  Even without corruption, the monetary system will not sustain as technology will continue to advance, increasing unemployment and leaving only few with monetary wealth1

Most know how fraudulent the banking system is.  Henry Ford in the early 1900s said “if we knew the origin of money there would be a revolution tomorrow”.  Abraham Lincoln and J.F. Kennedy tried to change the banking system but were assassinated before they were able to do so. Most do not know that in Canada and the US, the government issues money through private banks which make huge profits just for being administrators at the detriment of the people. A substantial amount of our taxes go to pay interest on fraudulent government debts predominately held by private banks and ultimately ending up in the Elite’s pockets2.

In our current state, it is only a matter of time before the earth becomes uninhabitable due to environmental pollution3. The Elite in partnership with most governments and corporations are mainly interested in short-term profits that benefit few, disregarding the environmental impact on the planet.  An example is the nuclear power plant that is being reconstructed in the earthquake prone zone of Japan, despite objection from its people. The impact of the recent nuclear leak on the oceanic life as well as on land is vast and has not yet been adequately assessed4.  Another example is the leak of oil by British Petroleum Ltd.  The corporation still managed to make 3.2 billion British pounds (5.1 American dollars) in profit in the three months after paying penalty for the damage5. The resulting environmental impact is irreversible. The corporations do not have to follow any guidelines.  As long as the penalty is low enough, the corporations will continue and operate for profit, neglecting the damage it is doing to the environment.  Further, corporations unnecessarily pollute the environment.  An example is that automobiles are made to last only a short term, for maximum profits, regardless of the waste that is produces.

Thanks to the people who protested against the Keystone XL pipeline. The project was wrong in many ways.  If the governments were not working for the oil corporations, the money that would be spent on the project would be enough to provide all the houses that benefit from this energy with solar panel, or geothermal energy, eliminating the need for energy from oil, unnecessary environmental risks, and utility costs.

Furthermore, our food supply is contaminated by insecticides, growth hormones and unknown effects of Genetically Modified Foods6.  Pharmaceutical is another major corporation. In the US, 80% of pharmaceuticals given to patients are unnecessary, and most cause further complications7.

There is also the moral dilemma that is ignored. There is enough food currently produced to feed 9 billion people8 (current world population ~ 7 billion), yet our governments focus is to trigger wars, prejudices and suppression in order for the corporations to make maximum profits that benefit the Elite which is less than 1% of the world population. The rest of us are programmed to feel happy to have a job, criticizing the jobless as lazy, without realizing the slavery we are in, with the false illusion of security.

The developed nations promote unnecessary projects in developing nations giving World Bank and IMF loans that come with absurd interest rates. This is intentionally done so that, as the developing nations become poorer, trying to pay for the project, the corporations benefit by exploiting their resources1.

The military itself is a major corporation connected to the Elite.  The wars are manufactured to justify printing of new money at the expense of taxpayers.  Hence the reason to trigger wars and keep the people distracted in the prejudices that arise while the Elite build an empire, ultimately to achieve a new world order.  Another familiar notion of this is “divide and rule” with the addition of “make money and control”.  The hierarchy of power is incorporated into most corporations and governments, to distract the knowledge of the real Elite. 

There are many people around the world who are aware of these aristocracies our governments play on.  They have researched different solutions.  We are the majority and if we are awakened, we can change the system. The greater the number awakened, the smoother the transition into a system that is sustainable.

The Elites have not yet managed to control the internet. The mainstream Medias are owned by our governments and should not be taken seriously.  It is hard for the Elite to let go of the power and will try their best to hold onto it. They are not aware of their losses such as the connection to the community, the feeling of intimacy which comes with surrender, life of meaning etc.  Human nature can range from violence to compassion. By understanding this, we should try and bring the 100% of us together for the future survival of all species on Earth.  After all we are all guilty of silence, obedience and passive participation that show the unconsciousness, in order for the current system to have prevailed9.

There are many movements and movies available on the internet. Some of them are the “Venus project”, the “Thrive movement”, the “Anonymous”, the “Zeitgeist movement”, the “System Change” by the council of Canadian, and the newly active “Occupy movement”.  There are informational clips and movies on You Tube.   “The Guardian”, “Aljazeera”, “The real news network”, “Wikileaks” are some of the places where we can get independent information.  There are other movies such as “The 11th Hour“, “The Meltdown”, “The Corporation”, “The Inside Job”, “Why we fight“, “Sicko“ and clips on You Tube such as “Oh Canada” that are educative.  There are many other people and organizations that have sacrificed their jobs and lives in order to try and change the aristocracies of the world. 

We can evolve into a global resource based system where there is no competition, authority, greed, corporations, politicians or countries.  This global resource based system can be based on sharing the available resources of the planet with careful consideration of the environment.  Human potential will thrive when there is no need for accumulation of wealth.  In time we will have abundance of everything we need to live in a utopian style of living.  

This idea has been studied by the Venus project for approximately 75 years and the Zeitgeist movement for approximately 25 years.  There are other ideas from the Thrive movement that could be used during the period of transition. The Anonymous movement explains beautifully why we should break free of our ideology of using labels and names. It explains how, only when one is anonymous, one is free and truly only bound by natural law.  Names can be slandered, destroyed, and trolled, but ideas cannot. The anonymous movement is also one of the few movements that are actively involved in day-to-day monitoring and bringing practical solutions to end the corruption of the current system.

These concepts given here may initially be rejected by most of us as we are programmed from the time we were born into the monetary system.  We are brought up to expect rewards, respect authority, follow rules without question, save for the future, and aim to be “successful”. We have been praised for the ability to keep a job, however unfair the system may be. We have been brought up to accept competition, gambling, wars and violence that our governments promote as a distraction. They have constantly tried to brain wash us with unnecessary material consumption, patriotism, prejudices and misinformation.  We have become insensitive to the feelings of our fellow humans and other species of the Earth that suffer directly from the current system.

This is our time for social awakening.  We need to awaken as many as possible to make the world a better place for the future of all habitants.  Consciousness starts from within us.  We want to protest for what we think is wrong without violence. Any solutions attained by violence will not be sustainable as violence only promotes violence. It also confuses authority, as authority can only understand and respond to violence.  We should remember that authority can only exist by our consent. 

We are the 100%, unconscious at different levels. If we are capable of feeling angry at the Elite, it means that we can understand them and have the capacity to play their role at a different level of unconsciousness. Our strength comes in enlightening the Elite as much as enlightening the ones around us.

There may not be an ideal solution. This is a time where we can all contribute ideas in order to evolve into a sustainable society.  There may not be utopia, but we may be able to achieve a sustainable balance and thrive in a healthy environment.  In the current system, if the military is removed, there are enough resources for the entire planet.

If the current system prevails, not only the human species, but all the other species on earth will be destroyed in a matter of time3.  There are many other planets in the universe that may be habitable.  They are too far for us to travel in our lifetimes.  Looking at the environment of the planets close to us, Earth could only be described as heaven10.  

It should be noted that the removal of currencies is the only solution. Any system similar to the monetary system will not survive as it will eventually breed greed, neglecting the environment. Humans by nature get great satisfaction contributing into their community.  It is amazing to imagine a resource based system where everyone lives in harmony, embracing diversity, and sharing resources without the motivation of money.

To those who have saved for the future and are unable to look outside their comfort zone, not wanting any changes,  remember that we are only temporarily on this planet.  We owe it to nature and future generations to leave the environment free from pollution.  We owe it to ourselves not to trust this article or any other articles, but to do our own research and follow our conscience. 

We are living in interesting times when we can evoke change to the betterment of all living species on Earth. We are lucky to be alive, be able to contribute, and see the beginning of a newly evolving Era.

Remain strong.  Remain knowledgeable.

References:  Paraphrased from  1. Jaque Fresco, Venus project.  2. Justine Walker.  3. David Suzuki, Environmental Activist.  4.  Elizebeth Grossman, Yale Environment.  5. Jessica Satherly, Daily Mail, U.K.  6.  Joseph Mercola, M.D.  7. Deepak Chopra, M.D.   8. Elisebeth Brawl, Metro World News   9. Chris Zaporoski, Social Awakening, Common Ground.  10 . Carl Sagan, Astrophysicist.


3 Responses to “SOCIAL AWAKENING TO THE 100% BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE – Anonymous”

  1. Jeryd December 1, 2011 at 8:07 am #

    Awesome, in so many ways I dig this.
    Only thing is, I think we need to impress the limits of time and just exactly what the risks are. “If the current system prevails, not only the human species, but all the other species on earth will be destroyed in a matter of time” I don’t really think that the Elites running our hamster wheels will want to poison the same rock they are also squatting on. Furthermore I think we have less time than you imply before we are faced with a global system of real indentured servitude. Just call it something fancy like radical austerity. That is at least how I would solve the ecological crisis if I had nearly limitless power and influence, for no real reason… If everyone else were living like slaves, then I can continue to drive my cars and fly my jets without really worrying about the impact, who needs real change that limits my influence.

    So to stress the urgency of social movements like the Venus Project, Anonymous and Occupy; we need them to cause widespread change and the redistribution of power and social influence before the movements are outlawed and the participants are jailed (perhaps just because they covered their faces…).

    That aside, excellent summary of the issues and I do agree that we need to eliminate currency. That idea can’t be the first step if we are talking reform, although it may be implemented in some kind of post-collapse scenario.
    I wish you said who wrote this I want to discuss more at camp in person 😦

    • Anonymous December 3, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

      You can e-mail to contact the persons who wrote this. Thanks for your comments. Yes, there is hardly any time. The Elite may have access to new technology like HAARP and most would not be aware of this. We did not want to write too much as this may look more like a conspiracy.

  2. Satya Danu November 30, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    Such a great summary of why I’m Here thank you!


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