Day 36 at Occuplaza – Brent Talbot

23 Dec

Pot Luck 2nite at 5!!
Giving up attachments…

Hot water for tea
Cold water that isn’t frozen
Spring water
Hot yoga
Warm meditation
Warm feet
Warm hands
Warm sleep
Warm bathroom
Buying stuff
Organic produce only
Eating what I’d like
Eating hot meals
Eating when I’d like
Being a vegetarian
Sleeping without clothes
Reading in my big chair
Hanging on my bean bags watching documentaries
Smoking indoor doobies 
Having quiet time
Being lazy
Avoiding commitments
Being scared
Living with fear
Having a civil conversation with my parents
What people say about me
What people think about me
How people perceive my actions
Worrying about anything
Going out for dinner, movies, or plays. 
Not reaching out 
Not fulfilling my destiny
Not fulfilling my purpose
Not living from my Heart based thinking



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