I do have a story to tell – Judy Lapointe

4 Jan

Alberta is definitely THE HEART OF THE BEAST.  Great poverty is created by great wealth – follow the money to find out who is mentally ill with their greed.  Alberta has more psychopaths causing more hardships then what is being reported – although it’s in our faces if we choose to face the truth.

The insane have this belief the homeless are lazy, ignorant and just want a free ride – the rich will always project their insane reality onto their victims.  it appears to me that the rich are the truly lazy one’s as they earn their living off the labour of others. It is the rich who are lazy and ignorant – this global collapse was created by very educated people, if you want to get ignorant get an education.

Reality is much different then a sick mind can comprehend.  A sick mind believes our Alberta Police protect victims and prosecute criminals but in reality while I walked into our Calgary police station and described the crimes I was the victim of – but I worded it asking the question “if I did this or that would it be a crime”.  Apparently they told me I couldn’t do the actions of my abusive ex husband as they would be breaking serious laws – which is what I wanted them to admit.  But when I said “Great I’d like to report a crime” the Calgary police told me “i can’t walk into a police station and report a crime, I have to make a phone call”.  Apparently you can’t phone in a police complaint, nor can you walk into a Calgary police station and report a crime.  Once I learned there are no acting police in Alberta I went outside and had myself a little cry only to have two Calgary police tell me – “look at you, nobody is going to belief a word you say”.  So apparently there is a look one must have in order for our police to believe you.  I can go on years worth of stories about our justice system and all it’s flaws but this is not about focusing on the problems but rather the solutions.

  1. Our education needs new content to teach – huge opportunities.
  2. our education needs a completely new system design – one that we all have opportunities in – huge opportunity for change
  3. our justice system admits it’s not perfect – those imperfections allow psychopaths to kill others and get away with it – it’s time we make changes within our Global justice systems – huge opportunity
  4. our media manipulates us all – huge opportunity for change
  5. politically – there is no way our system can solve social problems – they are focused on earning profits for the few and not the whole – huge opportunity for change
  6. economically we have a system designed to fail, things must be throw away in order to consume and keep this insane train running – massive opportunity for change
  7. our medical systems have lost it’s ability to heal – our medical systems is the heart of humanities mental illness.  No longer is the focus on stopping and preventing illness – our medical systems encourages us all to keep doing the wrong thing – live that unhealthy life style but here is a pill a few can get rich off as you die.  Our medical system cannot recognize causes – it cannot point the finger at a CEO and order him a doctor – there is no way of stopping a corporation from polluting and killing thousands of people.  We are getting sick from the types of labour we ware forced to do and no doctor will make that claim because we all have to work to feed ourselves.  We are getting sick from the products we are forced to consume due to our markets being controlled by large monopolies who pay to make laws to say the unsafe is safe.  Our medical system is completely dysfunctional and in need of major changes – huge opportunities.

This occupy movement is not gaining the respect it needs because nobody is talking about solutions – we are way to focused on all the problems – who is talking about what a fixed system looks like? How does the perfect system work for us all Globally?  When we are ready to get down to business and talk solutions then respect will be gained – who can handle that conversation yet?  Einstein said it best ” you cannot solve the problems using the same mind that created it” – we need a completely new mind set to understand our needed solutions.  We all have to admit we are wrong about something – who is willing to admit they are wrong yet?  If you can see all the changes needed and what it would take to create a perfect system – then even all Occupy Wall Street protestors have to admit they are wrong about something.  Only when we are all Globally ready to admit we are wrong can we comprehend what is right.

If anyone is out there willing to talk about solutions, I’d love to share my experiences and research – time to get to work as there are so many opportunities available right now.

much love


7 Responses to “I do have a story to tell – Judy Lapointe”

  1. Anonymous January 12, 2014 at 1:46 am #

    hey judy, remember when when we were stalked by that guy coming back from buying a pregnancy test/ Don’t think that was coincidental.

  2. oscar Wilde January 4, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Great article i agree 100%

  3. Anonymous January 4, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    Thank you, Judy for sharing this. Sorry to hear that life has been difficult for you. Sometimes these struggles make us stronger and more determined to make a change. We are in need of determined people to assist us in making change. We would welcome you! 🙂

    • Judy January 5, 2012 at 10:42 am #

      thank you so much for you rkind words. I brought 4 children into this world, I am more determined to influence change – call it a life mission. But we need to comprehend the solutions. All problems are nothing more then a lack of information – fill of the hole of the missing information and the solution appears – we can solve all global problems but it takes one massive PEACE TABLE to have that conversation. I believe in the impossible – much love Judy

      • pearl January 5, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

        Hi Judy! I did not mean to post that as Anonymous. My name is Pearl in case it comes up anonymous again. Solutions are great but how do we come up with them and who is going to believe us. Sometimes by giving solutions it just gives people the opportunity to discount you. Maybe if the Occupy movement as a whole were to brainstorm and come up with some that are viable.

  4. Nyk aka Satya January 4, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

    Thanks Judy so well put and i agree!

    • Judy January 5, 2012 at 10:43 am #

      it’s so good to see some Albertan’s like minded with me – I thought I was the only one. Thank you so much for your agreement – much love Judy


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