If there is no freedom in your workplace, there can be no freedom outside your workplace – Aaron Doncaster

15 Jan
Tyranny, oppression and exploitation are the antitheses of democracy. The amount of tyranny, oppression and exploitation in a society, depends upon the society that you have and the society you have depends upon what model you use to organize production.
In todays late stage capitalism the dominant work place is the fascist dictatorship known as the multinational corporation. There may be some choice involved when it comes to working at a state controlled company, a worker run co-op or a collective, but these choices are made with strings attached. The dominant workplaces, the multinational corporations will allow you to make these choices so long as your modus operandi is the continuation of the status quo(working within capitalism). If the modus operandi of building differently structured workplaces is to create a qualitative break with the status quo, then the state and capital will take that choice away from you. Anything like cooperation, collectivism and non-hierarchal organizing in the workplace that bites into the profitability of capitalism will be met with brutal suppression by capital and the state.

An example of this is when the physical workplaces of the Occupy movement (the tent villages) were destroyed by agents of the state while the agents of capital,(the media) assisted them. The initial stage of the occupy movement(the tent village) is not only a strategic tactic and a crucible,but is a workplace without bosses, where workers organize themselves in a non-hierarchal fashion and produce collectively. The workers produce, information,governing structures based on the consensus decision making process and most importantly a process of engagement with your fellow citizen whereby the myth that the individual exists separate from there environment, is smashed.

Not only is the surplus labor of workers stolen in a work place based on the corporate model, also stolen is the workers ability to build their collective moral compass. Once stolen from the workers, this ability to build a moral compass then is sold back to the workers in the form of ignorance. This ignorance breeds more oppression than was originally created by the capitalist mode of production. From what has been stated above, I think it can be clearly deduced by most readers that we cannot have freedom outside work if we do not have freedom inside work! Workers of the world unite! The only thing we have to lose are our chains!



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