The Right Kind of Indian

20 Feb

If I am not, what is the ‘right’ kind of Indian then?

The acceptable Indian vs. the unacceptable Indian

The Indian ghost in the assimilated shell

Haunting myself

Haunting Olympic plaza

I am still there

Floating around
Smelling the cedar that was placed there for us

For protection
By her
Who knew
Long before any of us did
What was to come

Haunting calgary
Haunting remand
Haunting Victim, Pattison, martin
Haunting Primary Investigator, adaikin
Haunting cells
Assimilated jail cells

Holding us in
Holding us under glass

Don’t let us slip out
Don’t let us be free
Don’t let them steal your joy he said

He warned me

I will pray for you

He spoke of the curse

Was assimilation my curse?

Or was it my true Indian-ness?

Not the right kind of Indian I guess.

Not the right kind of assimilated Indian I guess.

Not the right kind.

They have no ears to hear my words though I speak

They have no eyes to see my face though I am looking right at them

They have no hands to shake mine in fellowship

In warmth

In friendship

They would rather put cuffs on my hands

They burnt his.
And cut hers off completely.
They always go after the hands.

I wonder why that is?

No room.
No room for me.
No room for you Sandy.





No room.

No space to share
No space to speak
No space to sit

On a bench

With my feet up

Feeding a duck

Who was hungry

I am not the right kind.

I am the wrong kind.

The wrong kind of Indian.

Maybe they were too

All 50,000 of them

All 500 of them

Maybe WE were the wrong kind of Indian.

When will there be space?
When will there be room?


When will there be hands to shake?

Ears that hear?

Eyes that see?


Is stephen harper the right kind of Indian?

Honoured guest speaker

Or…that’s right…honored “Chief” speaker.

How come I can’t be Chief?

My name is Sarah Marie Scout.
I was born on January 14th, 1981.

If you ask my name

Are you asking to know who I am??

Who are you??



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