Alberta 2012 Fiscal Budget

24 Feb

This is the 2012 budget for Albertans. This link is a PDF. You must have Adobe Reader to view it.
Alberta 2012 Fiscal Budget


One Response to “Alberta 2012 Fiscal Budget”

  1. susanonthesoapbox February 26, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    Budgets are only as good as their assumptions. The PC budget is based on a number of assumptions including oil prices at $99/bbl. natural gas at $3/gigajoule and the Cdn dollar staying at 98.6 percent of the US dollar.

    However, oil prices are influenced by the global economy which is anything but stable. Natural gas prices have been at the $2.50 range or lower for months and the Cdn dollar goes sideways as soon as the US dollar shudders.

    Bottom line: basing the budget on fragile assumptions is risky. Doesn’t generate a warm fuzzy feeling, does it?


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