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Occupy 6 Month Rally Video

16 Apr

Gathering At Bankers Hall (V.P. – CFP)

We all be shuffelin’ (S.H.- Encore News)

Marching To Olympic Plaza (V.P. – CFP)


The Way I Remember

16 Apr

The skin stretched across my palms is thin
Almost see-through
Everything we ever wanted never came to be
We can’t go back

Everyone I ever wanted has moved on to another place
Some – on to places that I can’t go (yet)
And some – on to places where they don’t want me to follow

Others just pretend I’m dead

And others – just a grey hound ride away,
Just aren’t there anymore.

Nobody is the way I remember

And yet everybody is the way I remember

– By Sarah Scout

Florences Foster Home

10 Apr

I had hope before I met the Mormons.
Before I met Hazel
or Colin or Tara –

I had hope in the darkness
of Florence’s Foster Hell;
as you may know it as
Florence’s foster home.

Did the moon give me hope that night?

The Light from the moon light
reaching all across the cold, hard
frozen landscapes of the reserve.

My eyes adjusted to the night
and I smiled at the light

That night,
I smiled at the light.

-By Sarah Scout

Occupy Calgary Request For Damage Cost Retraction

8 Apr

To the City of Calgary,

This letter seeks an acknowledgment that certain damages the City accused Occupy Calgary of in the media, were unsubstantiated and found to be so in a court of law by the Chief Justice of Alberta. At the time of his ruling Justice N.C Wittmann concluded various costs submitted by the City could not stand up to judicial scrutiny, specifically :

1. Downtown Parks power shut off, totalling $1,835.25.
2. Extra Garbage Pick-ups by BFI, totalling $1,000.00.
3. Contracted washroom cleaning, totalling $945.00
4. Sod Repairs, totalling $12,705.00
5. Washroom cleaning, painting, plumbing, tile, arborite, totalling $15,198.00.
6. Replacing Heaters & Hand Dryer in Mens Washroom, totalling $1,559.00
7. Statue patina, totalling $472.50
8. Cornice Metal Caps, totalling $500.00

Although the ruling was passed down many months ago, no credible effort has been undertaken by the City to correct this wrong. Recently the City has presented additional damages to the media also attributed to Occupy, but an itemized list has not yet been made available when requested. Therefore this letter seeks recognizance only for the costs that did go before judicial scrutiny, and were struck down in the Justice’s ruling:

“I think it is appropriate to add that there is very little evidence that the Occupy Calgary group itself has caused damage aside from some wear and tear to the turf upon which they have erected their tents…I appreciate that there is significant public interest in this matter. The citizens of Calgary should know that the Occupy Calgary group at Olympic Plaza has been benign.”
-Justice Wittmann, Dec 6th – page 14: 8 – Conclusion – [49]

Please issue a public voluntary retraction for claims regarding the $34,214.75 in damages that Justice Wittmann found to be unassociated with Occupy Calgary.

Occupy Calgary